SYBJ: Support Your Business Journey

SYBJ: Support Your Business Journey

We are in business for ourselves as a learning experience and we believe that it’s a Journey and SYBJ stands for “Support Your Business Journey” and the reason for this is that we are all in busines either on to make money and or for non-profit.

For profit companies we are always looking to increase our sales and by doing that we have to consider a variety of things, Such as?

Well to give you the basis if you are a start up company you have a lot of things you must do and first you have come up with a Business Plan and that will require a little time you will need to do this if you do this yourself but more then likely you will hire a freelance business plan specialist.

But you will need to consider the capital required for this and this also goes for non-profit or “Internet Business” as well.

SYBJ we are aiming to help you get you started on your “BJ” meaning “Business Journey” for a reason we must consider the different departments that each company has and the many different jobs that these companies tend to have and this is why so many “Start up companies” have and or why so many “Freelancers” after a little while tend to go back work for someone else, because of all the responsibilities.

We realize that we are also beginners or more known as “Newbies online” and for this fact we go on a research hunt to get started the correct way and we feel we have so much to learn so we delay getting started.

The delay on the Internet front is like coming back from a 5 year retirement, for the simple fact is that the internet is changing so fast that we are all students to change and no matter how we look at that is how it is.

Our lives have been changing and we must be prepared for all of this “Change” we have coming our way, because otherwise we will be out of business in no time at all.

We have to Invest our Time, Money, Energy very wisely and that means by being Strategic on that front.

We must prepare ourselves for any and all new developments and in order for us to do this we will need to be kept very aware, of any and all new technology and software that comes out that can help us with “Saving Time, Money, Energy” on all business and personal fronts.

We also believe in “Joint Venture Partnerships” as well, but “JV’s” are also considered “Affiliate Programs” how these can help you grow your business and increase your sales, plus benefit any business cause that you believe in, such as charities or small little softball league, whatever the case maybe.

List Building is also very important it allows for you to keep in contact with your customers, affiliates, friends but it’s also important because you do recommendation to new products or services that you or fellow joint venture partner may have on the market and or keep you alert of new business resources or personal resources you have found to be very helpful.

We look forward to helping you and while we are on our own “Business Journey” we will keep you posted and will alert you of new business resources and training that we are using and or find useful to use.

Any and all feedback to any and all of what we have to offer will greatly appreciated.

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