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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2008!

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Happy Saint Patricks Day 2008!

Saint Patricks Day, Monday March 17, 2008

For most people they are already parting depending in what time zone they are in and in what country, most are already on their forth or fifth drink right now. They are truly having fun now and are enjoying themselves and even for most they are working today and planning to go out this evening, to hangout with family and friends.

For most of we also have our businesses and our projects, school to attend and to make decisions and make plans for. We are master’s of our destiny and we must decide what decisions will be best for us and which decisions will not be, we can either succeed or decide that failure is best described as our ending of the page of the chapter in our lives.

We must enjoy every moment that we can and we must also make the best outcome from whatever we do. Enjoy your holiday and I know that we will do so here in San Francisco, we have a lot of tourists in town and I have seen a lot of green over the weekend and am very sure we will see a lot of green today.

My morning is starting off very nice, I am writing early this morning and have written about 10 articles, which will be displayed here on the Support Your Business Journey Blog and we will be coming up with a few more articles over the course of the rest of the year.

Please enjoy your Saint Patrick’s day no matter if you drink or you don’t, it’s meaning has so much more to do with, fun and family and friendships and more.

We Learn to Build, Grow and Run, our lives from different areas, it’s up to us to truly find our chosen final destination and place, where we can truly find our happy place. Where we can goto anytime for advice, motivation,wisdom and build new relationships and new understandings.

We live today and we much treasure today no matter what are situations maybe like, either good or bad and or both for that matter. We must learn to realize that life has all of it’s chosen battles that we must go through and pathways to go down in order for us to truly learn to be inspired.

It’s up to us to form the kind of day where by it’s truly worth waking up every day and being Focus Driven and Inspired by the work and projects we tend to work on.

Best regards,

World Dreamer Team

Support Your Business Journey! 

Happy Halloween October 31, 2007

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween October 31, 2007

The Day of Costumes, Scary movies, parties, haunted houses and all the Halloween stories.

I remember when I was a young boy me and my brothers and sisters, would usually be out with my mother and or my father either out trick’or treating or listening to scary stories and watching scary movies. It was always something going on and now I have nieces and nephews, so now we are taking them out trick’or treating and also scaring kids who come to our homes.

I would like to say enjoy your Halloween Festivities, whatever they maybe and to enjoy yourself and be safe.

As always Keep On Supporting Your Business Journey and keep taking daily action along your business journey to achieving the your business goals and as well as your personal goals. By learning to use the tools necessary for you to do so. Learning to automate some of your jobs and some of your tasks by using communication tools.

By Julio Mattos