Take Control Of Your Business Journey

“Take Control Of Your Business Journey”

What do I mean by this exactly?

You see most of the time we are always making excuses as to why we are not getting the results that we truly desire. We tell ourselves that we will make something happen today, but then we begin to procrastinate and then find ourselves on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, or one of our social media outlets.

We may find ourselves typing away thinking that we are being productive and definitely social media is very important strategy for our businesses and it allows for us to have a personal touch to our business, but do realize that their are more then that marketing channel you need to implement then just that one. Some people tend to realize that you just need a fancy website and or some fancy graphics and that traffic or more accurately our desired target niche customers will begin to come to our website without any marketing.

Ok, let’s be realistic here, yes traffic can come to your site automatically if you set up your marketing campaign properly, but if you believe you will get free traffic simply by setting up your site with nothing other then sales copy, think again it will not happen. You must really use all of the different marketing channels that are out in our world. As a business owner you will find yourself always testing different marketing and advertising strategies, Why? Well let’s be perfectly clear here, you mission is to get traffic to your website and not just any kind of traffic, you do not want to sales cars into the health niche do you? Because you will not get in any sales, well if you do it maybe one or two, but you will want to target the Auto Niche instead because it will bring you better results.

So by doing market research and doing some testing with keywords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using audio “Teleseminars”, ebooks, videos, radio talk show, live webinars, joint venture partnerships, Building Your Own List or List Building, all of these are different marketing channels but better know as testing or Strategies to implement into your business. Along your business journey we will find helpful and support from many different resources, but as internet marketers and offline marketers, we are in business and so if we are not trying all the different marketing strategies to advance along our way what’s going to get us to that next level and will keep us in business pass that 5 year mark, then to the 10 year mark.

Remember nothing happens until you make the first move and take action. So get going on working on those plans you have long put away and have allowed to collect dust, no matter if it’s digital dust or offline physical dust. You claim that if you only had a little more time, a little more money, a little more this and that, you could succeed. Well let me tell you that it will never happen unless you get your mindset on achieving your goals and looking forward to maximizing your plans and taking strategic action upon your plans.

Mindset it the key foundation in you taking action, being alive and being driven are very important mechanisms to getting you going and re-gaining your focus and motivation and inspiration along our business journey’s no matter inf you are taking your interney business journey or your offline business journey, you must realize that you are in business to make money. So if you are not the business to make money and you are only looking to loose money, well you know there are casino’s all over the place and also you can play the lottery and wish for you to win. The chance of you winning is stacked very highly against you and will not help you benefit.

Alright maybe your long term desire is not to make money, but instead you are in the non profit business, well sorry to inform you no business can stay afloat for long without having financial backers, better know as investors or donations coming in. But wait, that still requires money doesn’t it?

Think about taking control of your business journey by applying leverage to your business, by that I mean using the leverage of all the different strategies that maybe applied to your business. Ok, what do I mean by that which might be on your mind currently right?

How can I become a Lazy But Productive person, well if you have’t been able to tell up until this point how a lot of succesful businesses constantly continue to grow, while other companies who were highly successful are now going out of business or need financial bailouts from the governement. They are using leverage in many different forms but to name a few fully using Technology, systems, plans, actions, by taking a  step by step approach and thinking a little more wisely. A lot of successful individuals and businesses are either hiring and constantly learning themselves, but they are acquiring more people or different approaches of being smarter and working smarter not harder through the use of Leverage.

A lot of us we use Technology which could mean laptops, iphones, software in many different forms, autoreponders, webhosting.

Like I said you have to take control of yourself and your business in order to have a very successful and create passive income along your business journey, because we are always looking to maximize profits and become more of risk managers and eliminate as much risk as we possibly can.

Hopefully this will motivate you and get you going on taking some action rather then sumply sitting around and not doing anything and constantly complaining that you are not getting anywhere.

Best regards,

Julio Mattos

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