The Various Ways of Marketing Your Business

The Various Ways of Marketing Your Business

Just a brief summary of ways of Marketing your business as the list below will show you:

List Building- Basicly a newsletter.


Article Marketing- You would write or have written for you, helpful content on particular products or services you are promoting, by giving some helpful tips on certain topics and of course it’s better to give more then less and make it either brief or in sessions.

Affiliate Programs– Affiliate is someone who usually promotes someones elses product.

Forums– Having a signature with your website address, even though most forums will not allow a website if it has a newsletter subscription on it.

Blogs– Which allow for you to update your clients on a daily or weekly, or monthlybasis, this will allow for your website to receive more direct traffic, depending on how often you post to the blog.

Search Engine Optimization– Where you pretty much look for keywords based on the product you are promoting or your website is about and you would use these words to better your traffic ranking.

Joint Venture Partnerships– This is where you would partner with other marketers or business owners and will allow them to promote your product or services to their lists, blogs, etc. and you give them a set commission, usually the commission is based on 25-75% or more or less somewhere around this range.

Social Websites– Where by you network with other individuals in semilar niches as you or in other niches you generally interested in, you can offer opinions and ask qustions and answer questions as well, plus you get a chance to meet new potential customers, friends, joint venture partners. Which can help you get a jump start in what you have to offer in your chose niche (s).

Audios or Podcasting- This is where you would speak about a certain topic and you will either sell or give it away for free, this is where your customers or jv’s, Etc. would be able to listen to them any where they go either on cd’s, Ipod’s or tape cassettes.

Video- This is where you would record videos either about what topics you have, interviewing someone, Etc. Then you can use Youtube or other video outlets on the net.

Of course this is just a short list and not really a complete list either.

But the point is using the variety of resources online and offline can benefit you and as well as your business in the long run and will also separate you from your competition.

By Julio Mattos

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