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Happy Halloween October 31, 2007

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween October 31, 2007

The Day of Costumes, Scary movies, parties, haunted houses and all the Halloween stories.

I remember when I was a young boy me and my brothers and sisters, would usually be out with my mother and or my father either out trick’or treating or listening to scary stories and watching scary movies. It was always something going on and now I have nieces and nephews, so now we are taking them out trick’or treating and also scaring kids who come to our homes.

I would like to say enjoy your Halloween Festivities, whatever they maybe and to enjoy yourself and be safe.

As always Keep On Supporting Your Business Journey and keep taking daily action along your business journey to achieving the your business goals and as well as your personal goals. By learning to use the tools necessary for you to do so. Learning to automate some of your jobs and some of your tasks by using communication tools.

By Julio Mattos

Support Your Business Journey Updates

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Support Your Business Updates

We have some new articles that will be posted to the blog sometime by the end of this weekend and we apologize for not updating our blog over the last past 6-7 months.

We have had a lot of ideas bouncing around our team over the last several months and have also been looking to do some joint ventures and we will be annoucing tips on joint venture partners, niche marketing, also some software and programs we will be using and adding to our products list very soon. We should have some products added to our main website and as well.

We have been going through training ourselves, using templates, creating content and also looking for content to provide helpful knowledge for you our fellow Support Your Business Journey Buddies out there, we feel that with what we will have for you and us will benefit us all.

Let’s try to change our daily lives by taking action and making a commitment today to better ourselves and those around us. We all have our daily lives to deal with and not only our business lives, but we have so many things that take place that we procrastinate to the point of not getting anything done.

We feel that we all make it so difficult when we have big projects and feel that we cannot get the work done. But if you break up the big projects into smaller pieces, then you can get small pieces that will add up to the big pieces sooner then later.

Commit just 15-30 minutes a day no matter how big the project maybe, we can achieve our set goals and projects that we have on our plates.

Let’s get started changing our lives and not simply just settling for mediocrity. Let’s never settle for just having what we have, lets go above and beyond all of that and push ourselves until we achieve what we desire to achieve.

We will on see a difference in our lives once we take action, nothing can be done until you take the first step and that requires you taking action.

By Support Your Business Journey

The Various Ways of Marketing Your Business

Friday, October 19th, 2007

The Various Ways of Marketing Your Business

Just a brief summary of ways of Marketing your business as the list below will show you:

List Building- Basicly a newsletter.


Article Marketing- You would write or have written for you, helpful content on particular products or services you are promoting, by giving some helpful tips on certain topics and of course it’s better to give more then less and make it either brief or in sessions.

Affiliate Programs– Affiliate is someone who usually promotes someones elses product.

Forums– Having a signature with your website address, even though most forums will not allow a website if it has a newsletter subscription on it.

Blogs– Which allow for you to update your clients on a daily or weekly, or monthlybasis, this will allow for your website to receive more direct traffic, depending on how often you post to the blog.

Search Engine Optimization– Where you pretty much look for keywords based on the product you are promoting or your website is about and you would use these words to better your traffic ranking.

Joint Venture Partnerships– This is where you would partner with other marketers or business owners and will allow them to promote your product or services to their lists, blogs, etc. and you give them a set commission, usually the commission is based on 25-75% or more or less somewhere around this range.

Social Websites– Where by you network with other individuals in semilar niches as you or in other niches you generally interested in, you can offer opinions and ask qustions and answer questions as well, plus you get a chance to meet new potential customers, friends, joint venture partners. Which can help you get a jump start in what you have to offer in your chose niche (s).

Audios or Podcasting- This is where you would speak about a certain topic and you will either sell or give it away for free, this is where your customers or jv’s, Etc. would be able to listen to them any where they go either on cd’s, Ipod’s or tape cassettes.

Video- This is where you would record videos either about what topics you have, interviewing someone, Etc. Then you can use Youtube or other video outlets on the net.

Of course this is just a short list and not really a complete list either.

But the point is using the variety of resources online and offline can benefit you and as well as your business in the long run and will also separate you from your competition.

By Julio Mattos

October Month Of Halloween: SYBJ Scary Halloween Holiday

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

“October Month Of Halloween: SYBJ Scary Halloween Holiday”

 Ah how we love to dress up for Halloween or look at the different costumes people where. We are looking forward to seeing all the potential and ingenious methods of promotions that will take place this month.

So many people will take advantage of every holiday that comes there way and since this month we have so many things that usually happens not only Halloween, our friends and families get together to go to Octoberfest or birthday celebrations, or everyone getting together to go costume hunting.

Most of us will go costume hunting for there kids, nieces, nephews and of course for ourselves right? But let’s enjoy all the things that October has to offer us, as well as the deals we are able to create for businesses and as well as for our clients and joint venture partners or our affiliates.

Please remember the action that you take today, could mean the difference your business taking a step forward or remaining where it has been, or most of the “Newbies” just getting started this will also be a good time to get started on your niche markets that you are aiming for.

A lot of people will tell or you may tell yourself look, just to the proper research before you get started, of course this is very important to do, but while you are researching and why not create a blog detailing what it is you are doing and then go back to this and keep posting it will become a daily habit in no time and you will find yourself looking to improve on a daily basis because others can see it.

Now you can either have your blog public or private but at least you will have one and while you are researching, you are also taking baby steps that you need to get yourself that extra push that you need.

What we are saying in summary please brainstorm on 5-10 things or topics of interest that you may have and see if those are good markets to go after.

Join some local Master Mind Groups or toastmasters groups, all this can help push you along and getting up and taking action that you need to help you succeed.

Get going on making some plans, and taking action to see if they can help provide or create a new passive income.

We will post here later today and tomorrow, over the weekend some new deals we are making until the end of October and will be looking to do monthly or weekly deals on.

Please consider speaking to any of your affiliates or affiliate programs you belong to and get yourself into talks in taking action on your “SYBJ” Support Your Business Journey and please feel free to comment on your results here and or contact us.

Have a great day until our next post.

Best regards,

Julio R. Mattos

World Dreamer Team

Updates To: Support Your Business Journey

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Support Your Business Journey

We will be delivering some articles on our site very soon actually starting today Wednesday, October 3, 2007 and going forward.

The last update we did was back in August 30, 2007 and now we are aiming to get started taking little actionable steps on our blog here and will be also adding some help business links and will be adding the some weekly deals coming here soon.

We will be most likely putting some helpful tips out here for you weekly in summary and will focus all on business and some on motivation, inspiration,  in reality a few things on your Business Journey.

We look forward to helping you along the way and that is why we came up with our Support Your Business Journey, here at but mostly to help you cut down on your time, money, energy by helping you get up and take action, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day.

Remember each action can add up to be an accomplished goal or project.

We are in business for ourselves each and every day regardless if we are working as Freelancers, working on a team in a business, investing your time into a project, it all comes down to what you are truly looking to gain from your business ventures.

We here at Support Your Business Journey- We are here to provide you with resources that will be useful for you as a business and also you as your self improving mission, that’s why we say that we maybe considered teachers here but we are forever students to business, because no matter how much we learn we can never learn it all, but by take one step a time we will try to keep up.

We will be keeping you updates and will most likely have weekly updates here on “Support Your Business Journey” but we look forward to all of your feedback as we continue to learn, build, grow our business and as well as your own.

Keep in mind our top mission is to help you succeed and offer you the best products and services, that we feel that will help benefit you on your “Business Journey” as well as our own.

Have a great day and look forward to some great Business Resources and tools that will help you along your way, Support Your Business Journey we believe in Teaching and as well as Listening, Learning everyday because what good are we to you if we do not believe in improving ourselves.

Have a great day and come on long on Support Your Business Journey.

All to your success,

Support Team

World Dreamer.Org

Discovering A Way To A Better Life

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

“Discovering A Way To A Better Life” By Julio Mattos

Time management is basically about being focused. The Pareto Principle also known as the ’80:20 Rule’ states that 80% of efforts that are not time managed or unfocused generates only 20% of the desired output. However,  80% of the desired output can be generated using only 20% of a well time managed effort. Although  the ratio ’80:20′ is only arbitrary, it is used to put emphasis on how much is lost or how much can be gained with time management.

Some people view time management as a list of rules that involves scheduling of appointments, goal settings, thorough planning, creating things to do lists and prioritizing. These are the core basics of time management that should be understood to develop an efficient personal time management skill. These basic skills can be fine tuned further to include the finer points of each skill that can give you that extra reserve to make the results you desire.

But there is more skills involved in time management than the core basics. Skills such as decision making, inherent abilities such as emotional intelligence and critical thinking are also essential to your personal growth.

Personal time management involves everything you do. No matter how big and no matter how small, everything counts. Each new knowledge you acquire, each new advice you consider, each new skill you develop should be taken into consideration.

Having a balanced life-style should be the key result in having personal time management. This is the main aspect that many practitioners of personal time management fail to grasp.

Time management is about getting results, not about being busy.

The six areas that personal time management seeks to improve in anyone’s life are physical, intellectual, social, career, emotional and spiritual.

The physical aspect involves having a healthy body, less stress and fatigue.

The intellectual aspect involves learning and other mental growth activities.

The social aspect involves developing personal or intimate relations and being an active contributor to society.

The career aspect involves school and work.

The emotional aspect involves appropriate feelings and desires and manifesting them.

The spiritual aspect involves a personal quest for meaning.

Thoroughly planning and having a set of things to do list for each of the key areas may not be very practical, but determining which area in your life is not being giving enough attention is part of time management. Each area creates the whole you, if you are ignoring one area then you are ignoring an important part of yourself.

Personal time management should not be so daunting a task. It is a very sensible and reasonable approach in solving problems big or small.

A great way of learning time management and improving your personal life is to follow several basic activities.

One of them is to review your goals whether it be immediate or long-term goals often.

A way to do this is to keep a list that is always accessible to you.

Always determine which task is necessary or not necessary in achieving your goals and which activities are helping you maintain a balanced life style.
Each and everyone of us has a peek time and a time when we slow down, these are our natural cycles. We should be able to tell when to do the difficult tasks when we are the sharpest.

Learning to say “No”. You actually see this advice often. Heed it even if it involves saying the word to family or friends.

Pat yourself at the back or just reward yourself in any manner for an effective time management result.

Try and get the cooperation from people around you who are actually benefiting from your efforts of time management.

Don’t procrastinate. Attend to necessary things immediately.

Have a positive attitude and set yourself up for success. But be realistic in your approach in achieving your goals.

Have a record or journal of all your activities. This will help you get things in their proper perspective.

These are the few steps you initially take in becoming a well rounded individual.

As the say personal time management is the art and science of building a better life.

From the moment you integrate into your life time management skills, you have opened several options that can provide a broad spectrum of solutions to your personal growth. It also creates more doors for opportunities to knock on.

By Julio Mattos
Support Your Business Journey