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Happy New Year…How are your Plans coming?

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Hello All,

Wow it has been an incredible month, I hope you have been keeping focused on your goals and resolutions which we really aren’t calling resolutions, more we are  calling self-development right?

Well it’s that time of year where everyone who has set plans or goals or resolutions or what we call them self-development challenges, they literally fall off track.

If you have been going to the gym and you have been telling yourself, ”Yes I am going to loose this 10 pounds that I have set out to loose”, but you never do.

Why is that you may ask yourself?

Well I have found it to be, well…. come on get on it with it already….What is it?…is this what you really would like to know?

Yes, Julio Please tell us what it is you have to say…hmm…ok I, I suppose I will say it…It’s called staying focused and staying motivated and being disciplined.

I have found that planning is really nothing without you taking the needed time and the much need action to simply take action.

Wow I am very sure you feel the same way about this right?

Well I can personally tell you, I have struggled through this myself and will no longer fall victim to Mr. Excuses and Ms. Procrastination.

I can no longer tolerate their presence in my life because they have become very tiresome and have helped me fail at more things then I can care to admit.

What Julio? You mean to tell me you have failed even though you seem like you are very energetic and very well disciplined and very focused on achieving your goals…

Well I suppose I will be the first to admit, we all have our days and yes I am that type of person who loves taking action and some will say taking all of those risks…but as most people know about me I would care to say, that I am willing to try at least at something, then to simply be the person who regrets that he has never tried before.

This post has generally posted to see how your plans are coming along and if you are keeping up with your commitments.

I will state here that I am staying true to my plans and I will be the first to publicly put it out there, I have officially lost lost about 14 pounds.

Yes I said 14 pounds, how do you ask?

Well I told myself I could do it and I even put it out to a few of my friends that I would do this as well, so by making it a challenge it has helped in the result of loosing this weight.

But wait a minute Julio, you a very energetic and athletic guy and that’s how your able to do this.

Yes this is some what true, but not exactly 100% accurate.

You see recently I found out that I had 21% body fat and my weight November 27, 2006 I was 188 pounds and I was thinking that it was about that time to get back into good health.

So I had a few conversations with a few friends and they told me that I wasn’t fat and I was overreacting, but a man know’s when he has a gut and when he doesn’t and I can tell you it wasn’t really big but when I am able to grab a lot of my belly, it’s really not good.

But I have stayed true to myself and to my goals and told myself and a couple friends that I would loose at least 10-15 pounds of bot fat and I have in  the last 3 months.

It’s been mostly by cutting back on the junk food that I have been eating and cutting back on the snacks that I have been eating, plus it has helped to spend about 5 minutes stretching and the remainder of the time maybe sometime 30 minutes or so working on simply getting cut rather then just trying to bulk up on muscle and this has been only a test.

You see I plan to win back my six pack, even I am on my way their now because my training plan I am working with and following daily.

But that’s just one critical element I am working on this year and I have many others.

What plans do you have so far this year that you have or have not started?

That you are willing to get started on today spending 5-15 minutes on and that you will build into good habits.

I believe that’s enought for today.

Until next time, please have a wonderful and peaceful day.

Also let’s make this New Year the Best ever year we possibly can.

All the best,

Julio Mattos

World Dreamer Corp.

What’s the difference?..You have to make a difference.

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

What’s the difference…You have to make a difference. By Julio Mattos